IL Gruppo Digitale originated with the evolution of Colorpoint, the founder company that has been successfully working in photography for tourism for 20 years. IL Gruppo Digitale is present in Italy and abroad and its aim is to gather different professionals together and make them visible by using one trade brand.
At present, ten companies are part of
Il Gruppo Digitale and are part in the Colorpoint Management and the other eight share the group ideas and projects.  Cutting-Edge technology and human resources are the common denominators where Il Gruppo Digitale focuses efforts to enhance the quality of their services to customers and tour operators.
Il Gruppo Digitale currently holds: 10 participants, 75 self-managed amenities: village, hotel e resort – about 249 photographers, 9 registered offices in-country, (last update 1/2/2014).
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IL' and the catchphrase 'with you everywhere you are' underline the goal that all participants intend to reach. Being the only and most important group of professionals in the photography of tourism in the world.