The daily experience in direct and indirect management of selling points within village resorts, theme parks and events (there are about 250 operating stations), lets us offer professional cutting edge solutions today to whoever intends entering this market. Our proposal consists of using a proven work flow, thanks to a hardware and software systems in order to widen the classical photographic service in the 'shop'.
We wish you tried personally our little revolution that is changing the entire profession.
Some people see it as a a irreversible crisis, others see it as an occasion that can lead to new opportunities. 
This depends exclusively on you!
The business of photo shoots at events at events is huge and includes: business events, shows, weddings, special events, exhibitions, fairs, sports events, theme parks and touristic attractions. 
The opportunities to increase profits are endless and Il Gruppo Digitale guarantees that the '
cost copies' (famous sore point for the photo shop keeper, the photographer etc.) will not affect the business.
We can already anticipate here a big project: today important organisations of events, that see Il Gruppo Digitale as the market leader, ask for domestic capillarity.
Thanks to your professionalism this will come true!!!!


STREETSHOT, created especially for those business people who work with digital and social photography. This software lets you take photographs, print and deliver the end product in a few seconds, incredibly shortening the waiting time and allowing you to show test shots or visualise directly on screen the digital photographs. STREETSHOT is the solution for you!

Main features:
• Easy to learn and quick to use
• High productivity
• Simple image research tools
• Detailed report of carried out jobs and total control over working station
• Reports can be sent via e-mail
• Images preview in video-wall and test shots (index print)
•  Customization of photographs with quick layout application
•  Photo burning with controlled management of files
•  Possibility of multi-system configuration on-line

As Sony Authorised Dealer, we offer a wide range of high quality printers that produce prints of exceptional quality from 10x15 to 20x30 format in all applications.

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