The digital system has been essential for the development of the photography in tourism. Our is a real and own life experience and profession without compare, demanding but exciting at the same time.  You will learn to converse and to sell your professionalism to thousands of people.  If you are a photographer already, you have an advantage, but passion can be enough, (we have taught this kind of photography to waiters, barmen etc.), most important is be willing to learn and, above all, (essential requirements) to stay among people and work with a team. We offer you the occasion to grow depending on what you have shown us on the field. Our job is not static, you can enjoy yourself too, but you need not to forget that this job can employ you 365 days a year. Working in different international resorts, we look for a basic knowledge of the following foreign languages: English – French – Spanish. Our problem is not the resorts, but the research of valuable people who want to learn this job.  While we are at it, we tell you who we do not want:
'Those who we define as tourist by chance'.

  • Passion for photography, knowing what's a camera, at least.
  • Feeling happy being among people, new opening in China next.
  • All 32 teeth in order to have an unforgettable smile
  • Age from 18 to 35 years old
  • Minimum availability of 3 summer months such as July and August
  • Skier even better, we are looking for many skiers.


  • To send your C.V click “ send us your cv “ and complete and join with us.
  • If we your profile will be appropriate and meets our requirements, you will be called by telephone for a recruitment interview.
  • During the first selection, there is a presentation with Il Gruppo Digitale and an interview with the single candidate.
  • Those candidates who pass this first selection, will take part in the final selection of two days in Turin where you can actually see the organisation of Il Gruppo Digitale and, except for the beach context, different kinds of classical shoots will be simulated. Above all, it is an occasion to be together and get to know each other better.


The 2017 selection stage will be to:
Turin, Padova, Milan, Catania, Bari,Rome,Cagliari, Bologna and Florence
Find updates with dates on the facebook page.